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A Daughter's Voice at Modern Widows Club: Cultivating Their Personal Legacy of Love

A Daughter's Voice at Modern Widows Club: Cultivating Their Personal Legacy of Love

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Today, a member of our "Legacy Club," who are daughters of widows and thus daughters without fathers, have communicated to Modern Widows Club their aversion to being labeled as "Fatherless Daughters." They do have fathers, and their memory stays alive through them. They prefer to be seen as architects of their own legacy of love, as a way to honor their fathers.

Heather Price, daughter of Cindy Price (an MWC member), from Orlando, FL, is with us on the HWHW podcast. Heather shares her story and her whereabouts during the time of her father, James Price's, passing, which occurred while he and her mother were vacationing in Costa Rica.

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Essential Highlights:

  • Reflecting on the cherished, remarkable memories between her and her father.

  • Inquiring about what aspects of her father she misses the most.

  • Understanding the type of support she was provided. How did she respond? What worked? What could have been done differently? 

  • Because she attended the MWC 2023 Widow Empowerment Event in St. Louis, MO with her mom, how did this program benefit her and meeting other daughters? 

  • Changes between the mother daughter relationship after loss.

  • Exploring the reasons behind her decision to become a daughter who now gives financially as a recurring donor at Modern Widows Club.

  • Listening to Heather discuss the significance of creating a legacy in honor of her father's memory. 

We deeply appreciate Heather's willingness to share her experiences of personal loss as a daughter with such vulnerability.

At Modern Widows Club, we are committed to supporting daughters and their mothers, knowing that the next generation of adult women will be better informed and more knowledgeable about widowhood. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide this support.

Carolyn Moor

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