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Modern Widows Club Founder Carolyn Moor also has a blog. Titled Moor Thoughts, it’s where she shares unmoored musings debunking entrenched widowhood stereotypes and myths.

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Self-care, mental and physical health, purpose and meaning, and personal growth in widowhood.


Carolyn Caple Moor

Modern Widows Club, presiding as Founder, Visionary, President and Director. A leading voice empowering women in widowhood to find inner strength and become mentors, leaders, and advocates.

Lyn Kienholz

Modern Widows Club Program Director Remarried Widow Mom to 6 (not so small kids), lover of books and the sea!

Modern Widows Club

Where Widows Go.

Laurie Rich

Modern Widows Club Communications Director. Widowed in 2019, always striving to live a strong, meaningful, impactful life.